Key Changes Coming to Office 365 E & K SKUs


Tim Tetrick

As part of our updated Office 365 services rollout (see the recent blog post from Steve Ballmer), I wanted to provide you with a heads up on some key changes coming to the E (Enterprise) and K (Kiosk) plans. 

First, Office Web Apps is being added to the E1 and K1 plans.  Currently, the full Office Web Apps experience (with view, edit, and create capabilities) is only available via the E2 and K2 plans.  In addition, the E2 and K2 SKUs will get priced at the E1 and K1 prices, respectively, to enable existing customers to renew at the lower prices.

Since Office Web Apps was the only differentiator between E1 and E2 and between K1 and K2, eventually we will merge E1 with E2 and K1 with K2.  More information on that will be provided at a later date.

Therefore, the New Office 365 Enterprise Suite lineup will now look as follows…


This change is great news for our customers!  E1 and K1 customers will get additional capabilities, E2 and K2 customers will get a price decrease, and overall this change will help simplify the SKU lineup across the commercial, government, and dedicated offerings.