LABs on Azure, a great Partner training resource

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

Came across this Azure training resource that has been made available to our partner community. It is called Labs on Azure. Here are some details and how you can utilize from link above!

What is it?
Partners are always in need of development, test, and demo systems that can be spun up quickly and accessed from anywhere. In addition, the on-premises capacity, hardware, and IT costs can be a challenge to manage. By leveraging the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Virtual Machines (VM), partners can save time and money as well as increase IT and consultant efficiencies. If you are an action pack, silver competency, or gold competency partner who receives a monthly Azure credit as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, this offering is a great way to maximize your benefits.

In the Labs on Azure service offering you will:

  • Learn how to save time and money, and create efficiency with virtual machines for labs, development, test, and demo scenarios.
  • Learn how to create and manage VMs and how to move VMs between your on-premises system and Azure.
  • Learn how to utilize scripting via PowerShell to make VM management easy and efficient.

What is included?
The Labs on Azure workshop is a 1:1 advisory session that is comprised of a 30 minute “pre-session” in which your partner solutions consultant (PSC) will learn more about your specific situation and needs. During this call, your PSC will schedule a 90 minute workshop with you in which the following topics will be covered:

Module 1: Getting started on Microsoft Azure

  • How to set up an Azure account
  • How to navigate the Azure portal
  • Understanding the pricing and licensing model in Microsoft Azure

Module 2: VMs on Azure - The basics

  • How to provision a VM in Azure from the existing image gallery

Module 3: Creating custom images

  • How to customize a VM and save it to the VM gallery
  • How to create VMs from the images saved in the gallery

Module 4: Introduction to Azure storage

  • Understanding how the virtual hard disk (VHD) files are stored in Azure and how you can manage your storage accounts

Module 5: Managing VHDs and image files

  • Understanding the difference between an image and a disk
  • How to copy VMs from sources outside Azure and prepare them for use in Azure

Module 6: Using PowerShell with Azure VMs

  • How to create a VM in Azure from the image gallery using PowerShell
  • How to copy VHDs, provision VMs, and attach disks using PowerShell

Module 7: Azure VMs best practices

  • How to describe the best practices for managing VMs in Azure
  • Tips and tricks and additional resources

What is NOT included?
The following topics are not included as part of the Labs on Azure service offering:

  • Microsoft Azure networking, web sites, and mobile services
  • Hybrid VM deployment between on-premises and Azure

These topics can be covered in a separate session if needed. Be sure to talk with your partner solutions consultant for more information!

What are the prerequisites for participating in the Labs on Azure workshop?
The Labs on Azure workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to Azure. A background in working with Virtual Machines on Hyper-V is helpful in getting the most from the workshop.

How much does it cost?
The price for the Labs on Azure service offering is five advisory hours. These hours will be deducted from your Microsoft Partner Network contract. Time invested could be higher but you will only be charged five advisory hours for your participation in the Labs on Azure workshop.

How can I get more information and sign up?
To submit a request, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the
    My support benefits and activities
    page on the Microsoft Partner Network portal.
  2. In the Featured offerings section, locate the Labs on Azure offering.
  3. Click Use offering.
  4. Complete and validate your contact information on the Contact information page, then click Continue.
  5. Fill in the title and description fields on the Provide request details page.
  6. Click Submit to complete the advisory request.

After your request is submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft consultant to schedule your Labs on Azure experience within four business hours. 

Thanks, and good selling!