Microsoft 365 Partner Launchpad


Tim Tetrick



If you serve small business customers, and you don’t have a department of savvy marketers, consider Microsoft 365 Partner Launchpad—a new selling tool that can help expand your Modern Workplace selling and marketing capabilities. Launchpad applies a practical approach to preparing for and closing sales faster, with improved profitability.

Launchpad can help you expand your solutions knowledge across practice areas—including Security and Compliance and Teamwork. You can combine cloud products, services, and hardware to create compelling customer offers, guide customer conversations, and generate customer demand.

For more information, see Announcing Microsoft 365 Partner Launchpad, then take a minute to explore and become familiar with Launchpad.


Datasheet builder: NEW Microsoft 365 Partner Launchpad tool

Launchpad datasheet builder toolmakes it simple to generate customized datasheets for your small business customers.

Datasheets can help small business customers understand Microsoft 365 benefits and your offerings in the context of their specific needs.

Compelling datasheets in four easy steps:

  1. Select either the Security and Compliance or Teamwork practice area.
  2. Add your offering’s unique value propositions.
  3. Upload your company logo and contact information.
  4. Deliver your newly created, two-page datasheet digitally as a PDF or print to use as a leave-behind following a customer presentation or as a handout at events.

Try the new Launchpad datasheet tool.  Take advantage of all the Microsoft 365 Partner Launchpad tools.