Microsoft Cloud How-To Webinar Series



Samir Kukreja - I wanted to make sure you were aware of the upcoming sessions, part of the Microsoft Cloud How-To Webinar Series.

Microsoft experts will provide a technical overview on how to position and demo products like Office365 and Windows Intune. You will also learn about the current offers, incentives and resources to expand your Microsoft Cloud practice, discover new opportunities and reach new customers!

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Here is the list of upcoming sessions:




How to Demo Office 365 and take advantage of limited time offers to close deals!

Jan - 10

How to upsell your current Microsoft customers

Jan - 24

How to close your first Microsoft cloud deal and increase profits with Office 365 and Windows Intune


How to use Windows Intune to grow your Microsoft cloud practice


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  • How to demo Lync Online and multiply your Microsoft cloud sales
  • How to create demand for your Microsoft cloud practice