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Welcome to the all-new:

Partner Sales Skills Excellence Program

Your Microsoft Partner Network training is about to get even easier.

With the growing success of the current Microsoft Sales Specialist program (over 55,000 accreditations and counting), we’ve decided to consolidate and simplify all of the sales partner training programs under a single umbrella: the all-new Partner Sales Skills Excellence program.

As a Pre-Sales Technical Specialist for our Microsoft partners, I am really excited to finally that we now have a new Pre-Sales Technical Specialist program—a new program added by popular demand.

MS Sales Excellence  


Same easy access, brand new name:

Sales Excellence Central

The Sales Excellence Central web site will be the hub for all Partner Sales Skills Excellence programming, you will need a Live ID to login to the site. Once logged-in Sales Excellence Central will have a new, streamlined look and feel, along with exclusive sales tools and resources including: 

  • access to Microsoft Sales Specialist accreditations
  • access to Microsoft Pre-Sale Technical Specialist accreditations
  • webcasts from the “Time To Thrive” series
  • access to our Sales Specialist LinkedIn Group, Twitter, and Facebook pages
  • new competency and program feature pages
  • webcast video and podcast archive
  • Sales Tools downloads


Sales Specialist Competencies:

Sales Specialist

  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Data Platform
  • ERP
  • Identity and Security
  • Virtualization
  • Server Platform
  • Systems Management
  • Private Cloud
  • Windows Intune
  • Microsoft Learning
  • Small Business
  • Private Cloud/Management and Virtualizaton

Pre-Sales Technical Competencies:

Pre Sales TSP

  • Communications-Lync
  • *** More Coming Soon

Why Attain a Microsoft Sales Specialist Accreditation

You work hard to build and master your solution knowledge and sales skills. Let customers know you have what it takes to be a trusted expert they can rely on. Microsoft Sales Specialist accreditations recognize sales professionals who demonstrate solution selling expertise for selected Microsoft Partner Network competencies. Take the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights that will help you offer solution advice to your customers and, in turn, help them grow their businesses.

  • Achieve sales goals - Help accelerate your sales, drive incremental revenue, and increase your earning potential.
  • Strengthen selling skills - Improve your Microsoft solution selling skills and deliver better value and service to your customers.
  • Stand out from competitors - Demonstrate your Microsoft solution expertise and establish yourself as a trusted expert that customers can rely on.
  • Promote your expertise - Feature a Microsoft Partner Network Sales Specialist logo in your business communications to inform customers and peers of your expertise.


General Requirements

Sales Specialist accreditations are designed for sales professionals—individuals in sales or marketing roles—who are associated with partner organizations enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network. Sales professionals can earn accreditations in one or multiple solution areas. To earn an accreditation, sales professionals must pass the sales and marketing competency assessment, which is unique to an individual solution area.



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