Microsoft SMB Accelerated Sales Process



The Accelerated Sales Process was specifically designed to address the challenges described below, and create a pro-Microsoft bias, by re-aligning buying and selling activities. Customers have fundamentally changed how and when they engage with sales professionals during their buying experience. Increasingly Office 365 prospects:

  • Prefer self-service (trials) over sales conversations.
  • Understand Office 365 as well as the sales professionals.
  • Reluctantly disclose their buying information (BANT).
  • Rely upon social networks to research and validate Office 365 capabilities.

SMB Accelerated Sales Process assets

View the following webcasts for guidance on each step of the Accelerated Sales Process. All assets are pre-configured for an Office 365 sales cycle and can be leveraged immediately with existing opportunities.

Changing Customer Buying Behavior—Why it Impacts Everything

Prospects and customers have fundamentally changed the way they engage with us during their buying process. This session explores the impacts these changes have on how partners develop sell, market and deliver solutions. Partner audience: Leadership/sales professional.

Selling in the Cloud—What’s Different and How Do We Adapt?

This session describes how to adjust our traditional solution selling approach to better align with how prospects want to buy in the cloud, then explores how to influence the decision making process to increase trust and decrease sales costs. Partner audience: Leadership/sales professional.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle—How to Sell More by Doing Less

With less time to influence prospects during their buying cycle, sales professionals need to drive a different selling motion. The SMB Accelerated Sales Process aligns with this new buying motion to drive drives shorter sales cycles and higher close ratios. Partner audience: Leadership/sales professional.

Achieving High Impact Prospect Engagement—Why Won’t My Prospects Respond?

With prospects increasingly reluctant to engage with sales, developing trusted advisor relationships has never been harder. This session focuses on how to construct e-mails and voicemails that dramatically improve response rates. Partner audience: Sales professional.

Setting Up for Success in the Cloud

This session provides a walk-through of the key aspects of how to capitalize on cloud demand, including an overview of the economics of the cloud, cloud customer profiles, and the keys to sustained profitability. Partner audience: leadership.

Cloud Business Model Optimization

This session provides a more detailed discussion of the emerging cloud business model, its core success drivers, the impact of selling multiple workloads, and different customer profitability profiles. Partner audience: leadership.

Marketing Cloud Solutions

This is a discussion of the nature of cloud demand, cloud marketing foundations, cloud messaging, tactical marketing mix, an optimal 12-month marketing calendar, and appropriate budget allocation. Partner audience: Leadership/marketing professional.

Packaging and Delivery of Cloud Services

This is a discussion of the key shifts in business focus between on-premise and cloud solutions, potential types of packaged and managed services offerings in the cloud, and guidance on how to build them. Partner audience: leadership.

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