New study highlights how technology helps fuel significant revenue and job growth for SMB customers


Tim Tetrick


According to new research commissioned by Microsoft and independently conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm and a leading adviser on business strategy, tech-savvy small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) created more new jobs and drove more revenue gains over the past three years than SMEs using little technology.

BCG’s research found that over the past three years, IT-enabled SMEs, which BCG refers to as “technology leaders,” grew revenues 15 percentage points faster and created twice as many jobs as SMEs that use less technology. The research also revealed that across nearly all product categories, these fast-growing SMEs use more Microsoft solutions than any other products, and that SMEs view Microsoft as the top partner for new and future technology needs.

In fact, when asked what technologies survey respondents could not live without, they chose Microsoft Office as the top productivity application over all others. What’s more, SMEs that adopted Microsoft Cloud services grew faster than SMEs that do not use any Microsoft products.

This information provides great evidence for partners to share with their customers to show them the strong ROI they get from investing in Microsoft and Microsoft technologies to help make their businesses more productive and more efficient.

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You can also find a great article on the study called Why Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Technologies like Cloud, written by Thomas Hansen, Vice President, SMB Worldwide, Microsoft

A copy of the report itself can also be downloaded at