Office 365 Cost Comparison Worksheet


Michael Kophs
Microsoft Cloud TSP

Looking to provide your customers/prospects with a detailed comparison between Microsoft’s Cloud services and an on-premises solution (or other hosted offering)?  Check out the following Office 365 Cost Comparison Worksheet.   Use this worksheet as a starting point for providing a detailed cost comparison for your customers over a five year span.  Office 365 and Windows Intune pricing is included in tab 1.   For your comparison, you can quickly build out on-premises estimates by using the built in VL Pricing estimator on the third tab.  The 2nd tab is for tracking monthly/annual costs of existing services or new services (outside of MS VL pricing).  Once you’ve filled out each of the three worksheets, check out the cost comparison chart on tab 1 and present it to your customer.  Customize the worksheet how you see fit.

Click HEREto download the latest version of the Cost Comparison Worksheet, which has been updated to include the New Office 365 sku’s which are available on Wednesday, February 27th!  Also included is a sample worksheet.

Sample screenshot: