Office 365 Import Service coming soon to Open and Direct customers

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Rob Waggoner


I wanted to provide an update on the new Office 365 Import Service that launched on September 1.  Right now the service is only available for EA customers.  For Open and Direct customers, this capability will be coming soon.

This new service, you can speed the data-migration process to Office 365—enabling you to reduce overall deployment time and drive higher active-use rates, faster.

Office 365 Import Service helps accelerate the process of importing PST files into Exchange Online mailboxes through two options:

  • For smaller data sets, you can use network uploads of the PST files to Microsoft servers. These files are then imported into Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • For larger data sets, you can copy PST archive files onto hard drives and mail them directly to Microsoft datacenters. After the files are received by Microsoft, they are copied to internal servers and then imported into Exchange Online mailboxes.

Because each of these options use the Microsoft internal datacenter network, you can import the files with significantly faster throughput and reduced latency.

Download the FAQ to find out more about the Office 365 Import Service—and how you leverage this new service to build a more profitable business.

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