Office 365 is NOW even better with Dynamics CRM

Recently, Microsoft announced more integration between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. When I first saw the announcement, I thought “so what, the products have been working together for years” and dismissed it as Office/CRM publicity noise. But after getting a brief demo of some of the new points of integration, I changed my mind and wanted to make sure you were aware of why it’s more than just “so what” features.

I got these talking points from one of the members of our Learning team, Jim Naroski: These are his top three new points of integration between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online:

  • Re-exposing CRM contact activity within Outlook – things like past activities, cases, and opportunities
  • Embedded integration of OneNote inside CRM to store any kind of notes
  • Embedded integration of Excel inside CRM to do ad-hoc account analysis

More information about the new CRM Online can be found at:


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