Office 365 Shared Computer Activation Supported SKUs

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Q: Which SKUs of Office 365 can I use in a Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment?

A: Only the SKUs that include the Office 365 Pro Plus bits can be deployed to an Terminal / RDS Server . If you look at the following link (, the second table Service availability within each Office 365 plan, rows 7 & 8 list the plans that include Office 365 Pro Plus. The net-net is that only the Office 365 E3, Office 365 E4, soon to be Office 365 E5, and the Office 365 Pro Plus SKUs include the Office 365 Pro Plus bits, and are the only SKUs that can be deployed to a RDS solution.

I often receive the question: can the Business SKU’s be used on a Terminal / RDS Server?  No, because they do not include the Office 365 Pro Plus bits.

P.S.  Todd has a good article here that talks about how to setup Office 365 Shared Computer Activation.

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