Office 365 Things You Need To Know: Office 365 ProPlus - Managing User Activations

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

You may be aware that each user of Office 365 ProPlus (and Office 365 Business) can install the Office client on up to 5 (FIVE) workstations. This is a great benefit of the subscription licensing model!

Did you also know that both the user and the administrator can manage these activations? Here is some info to help get you started.

From an administrator viewpoint you can access each user’s Office activation via the Office 365 Admin console. 

First step is to go to Active Users:

Select the user desired:

On the right column go to the Office Installations item and select Edit:

On that page you will see a list of the devices that the user has Office applications installed on:

From there you can Deactivate one of the computers if needed or desired. In above example, deactivating would enable this user to install on another workstation as they are currently at the 5 maximum. (Perhaps one of the machines was recently retired from service.)

The user can accomplish this themselves as well. This is done by accessing their Office 365 Settings via the portal (also via this direct link):

Office 365 Settings

From there the user chooses “Install status” and can choose to deactivate any installs they may have:Office 365 Install Status Settings

Note that when a copy of Office is deactivated it will NOT be uninstalled, but will go into Reduced Functionality Mode

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