Partner Advisory Hours

Q: (from Laura)

Hi, I’m not sure if you are the person that I would go to with these types of questions but maybe you can point me in the correct direction.  We are MS Partners and we would like to use some advisory hours for a SharePoint migration.  We have done this in the past but no longer know what the correct process is for initializing the ticket.



I’ve never used them myself, and I understand that most partners don’t take full advantage of the hours they receive (10 for MAPS subscribers, 20 for Silver competency, 50 for Gold competency) A quick search with Bing took me to:

where it appears you can use the hours for all kinds of services including Migration Assistance, Deployment Guidance, Solution Guidance, and Scenario Guidance. Both the phone number and the email address found at the link above should be able to answer any specific execution questions you might have.


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