Recommended Reading --- Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech

consumptionWe are in an exciting and scary time in the IT industry!

The cloud provides amazing possibilities that can help you provide fantastic solutions for you and your customers.  The cloud is also fundamentally changing on how the world of IT does business and how you do you business as well.  It is impacting the industry, us here at Microsoft and your business is probably seeing the impact as well. 

Hopefully you are preparing for the cloud already or maybe you do not know where to start.  Whether you are shifting now or looking to shift soon you might need some help.  As the cloud technologies rapidly evolve you may be asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • How has cloud  technologies changed the rules?
  • What about my margins?
  • Where is the risk shifting too?
  • What about cloud development, marketing or sales?
  • How do services and managed services come into play?

While the book does not provide a definitive answer for your business to all those questions, it does provide insight and guidance.  I think the title of chapter 1 says it all:  How Good We Had It: The Money-Making Machine known as High-Tech.  

I picked up the book and could not put it down.   It will help alleviate some of the “scary” that cloud technologies might have for you and your business.   I highly recommend you take a look at this book! 

You can take a look here:  Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech 

From the Publisher:

If you’re a tech company, the most dramatic effect of megatrends like cloud computing, managed services, and the rise of consumer technology won’t be felt in your company’s product line. The true disruption will be to your business model. Future customers won’t want to pay you high prices out of big “CapEx” budgets anymore. They will expect lower “cloud” prices paid from “OpEx” budgets only when and if they successfully consume the business value of your products. How your company reacts to this risk shift could either accelerate the commoditization of your products or lead you to a new stage of profitable growth. For the first time, the tools are on the table to truly eliminate barriers of cost and complexity created by the last generation of tech. Consumption Economics is the owner’s manual for tech company executives who want to drive their company successfully into the next one.

Request:   If you have read this book, or have other book recommendations please comment below and let us know!

Matt Hester
Sr. Partner Technology Strategist