Replacing an Exchange SMTP Relay in an Office 365 Environment

Q: (from Kristy)

Looking a bit more into Office 365 for our firm and doing some prep work....

One key item... Our finance/ ERP / billing system application - We email statements, employee paystubs, client invoices and similar items out of it now.  And this configuration is quite simple now, as the finance app and our exchange are both on-premise.   However, if we have Office 365 our hosted Exchange will be off-premise, and therefore tying in this email out capability will certainly change.  Currently configuration screen is attached, for reference. Forgetting this application's name for a minute, this seems like a general question that we wouldn't be the first to ask... How do I link an on-premise application to my hosted Office 365 exchange so that I can use the hosted service to send out emails from another application that is on-premise?

The answer might be as easy as... "Kristy, when you have Office 365 you will have a hosted exchange server called or you will update your DNS or MX records to point to the DNS name you are given, and that can be used in this application's configuration screen with your account login & password and port given by MS Office 365."  Or, because we would in essence be relaying thru the Office 365 service that a special 'allow from' might have to be created in Office 365 Exch settings. I'm thinking of the old send/receive connectors.

Any insight you have in getting my general & specific question above answered would be great, even if it's pointing me to another resource.



If you still have a Windows Server on-premises, you can setup an SMTP relay on the server following these instructions:

If you don’t have an on-premises server, you can use these approaches:


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