SkyDrive Pro Apps for Windows 8 & iOS are here!


Woody Walton

This is important.  We cannot all follow every blog and with all the static in the blogosphere right now over Windows 8.1 I wanted to make certain you did not miss this.  SkyDrive Pro is the new brand for My Sites in  Office 365 & SharePoint online.  We have had a great app for some time for our consumer SkyDrive offering in Windows 8 and on the desktop, but were lacking in the mobile client department.   Please read the post by Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager – SharePoint on the Office 365 Technology Blog.   The post has quite a few screen shots and refers readers to the respective landing pages for each app.

A few points to note are the following:


  • These apps are for SharePoint Online (Office 365) only at this time. A further update will allow the apps to work against on-premise SharePoint implementations, but no date has been stated.

  • The iOS version supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices!


It is important to also note that the addition of these apps puts another kink in the armor of competitive solutions such as DropBox.    When you couple the overall value of Office 365 with its extension to vastly more mobile devices (Apple, Android) the opportunities for you to better serve your customers abound.  Make certain you tell all your prospects both about the Skydrive Pro app additions to iOS and Windows 8.   Make sure you reinforce the Office mobile applications we are making available to Office 365 subscribers mentioned here by my peer Todd Sweetser.


Thanks and have a great weekend!



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