Slide Free Office 365 Webinar



Slide Free






Slide Free? Yes! I mean No! I mean there will be no PowerPoint slides used in this webinar. Instead, we will use real examples of how to-customer conversations.

Join us as we go “Slide Free” and demonstrate the best way to deliver Microsoft cloud solutions to your new and existing SMB customers through conversations and demos. Using this unique approach, we will:

  • explore how conversations work in customer business’ and address the real customer business needs
  • provide guidance on how to build the same level of demo content using customer specifics
  • show you how to make money selling these features as a customer ready solution

We strongly believe that this unique approach will work the best when you are negotiating with your customers. Show them what their business looks like and how they will appear in the Microsoft Cloud world before making a purchase. They will love it!

This webinar will represent WOW demos covering 2 areas that are the top priorities for SMB customers:

  1. How to protect information internally and externally utilizing Office 365 security features
  2. How to optimize costs for business trips, facilities, etc. with collaboration tools of Office 365

Join us for this unique webinar, it will be unlike any other!

The format is totally different from anything you have attended before. Don’t miss it!


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