SMB Live is back to modernize your 2015 and registration is now open!


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SMB Live is back to modernize your 2015 and registration is now open!


We’re excited to announce new in-depth & hands on marketing content, along with 300-level technical training to modernize your organizations’ technical skills and marketing capabilities- leaving you with the tools you need to grow your cloud practice and modernize SMB’s to Office 365 and Hybrid Cloud with Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper V, and Azure.


Space is limited and filling up quickly, so please take a moment to register now if you’d like to attend. Below you’ll find more information about this 2-day, in-person event series, and links to register.  


SMB Live Workshop: Attract Customers. Grow Sales.
Overview: On the 1st day, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the first interactive hands-on workshop with step-by-step, prescriptive guidance to build a marketing campaign designed for SMB partners. We’ll also cover the latest Office 365 licensing options and best practices on managing current cloud customers to drive adoption, utilization and upgrades. (See full agenda at bottom)

What’s different? In our last SMB Live series, we addressed the philosophy of building an effective marketing campaign. Now we’re going to drill more deeply into providing specific guidance on executing your marketing campaign with new training and interactive hands-on sessions that will help your business execute and drive sales with best marketing practices.

Audience: C-level executives, practice managers, as well as marketing and sales professionals who want to take their baseline marketing to the next level.
Level: 200 (BDMs/Marketing)
Times: 10am to 5pm
Schedule and Locations: Click a link below to register for the event near you –
2/24/15 Bellevue, WA
3/10/15 – New York City, NY
3/10/15 – Nashville, TN
3/11/15 – Sunnyvale, CA
3/11/15 – Indianapolis, IN
3/17/15 – Charlotte, NC
3/17/15 – Cleveland, OH
3/18/15 – Denver, CO
3/18/15 – Boston, MA
3/18/15 – St. Louis, MO
3/24/15 – Salt Lake City, UT
3/24/15 – Tampa, FL
3/24/15 – Downers Grove, IL
3/25/15 – Pittsburgh, PA
3/25/15 – Detroit, MI
3/31/15 – Philadelphia, PA
3/31/15 – Houston, TX
4/14/15 – Los Angeles, CA
4/14/15 – Hartford, CT
4/14/15 – Dallas, TX
4/15/15 – Atlanta, GA
4/15/15 – Irvine, CA
4/15/15 – Minneapolis, MN
4/21/15 – Washington, DC
4/29/15 – San Francisco, CA
Opening: Cloud Trends Update
Marketing Workshop: Differentiate Yourself within a Crowded Marketplace and Accelerate Your Sales Engine

§ Attract Customers. Grow Sales.- Warm up exercise

§ Identify your unique points of differentiation

§ Value is Invaluable: Create a value proposition that attracts the right customer

§ A Mile in Their Shoes: Map your prospects’ sales journey and build a nurture plan

§ Ready, Set, Go! (to Market): Build your own sales materials that generates demand

§ Rise to the Top: Launch a search engine campaign that gets you noticed

Cloud Growth Acceleration Modules:

§ How to manage existing cloud customer to increase retention and maximize upsell opportunities

§ Overview of the new Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing model

§ How to leverage the new CRM Online via Open Licensing model



Wrap up and Q&A
SMB Live Tech Series: Modernize with Hybrid Cloud
Overview: On the 2nd day of this 2-day series, technical experts will show you how to use the latest Microsoft server and cloud technologies to deliver hybrid cloud solutions to small and midsize organizations. (See agenda at bottom)
What’s different? In our last SMB Live technical series, we helped partners identify opportunities to enable their SMB customers to increase efficiency and productivity in the cloud. This course includes over 90% new ‘300-level’ technical content including presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs to teach you how-to effectively deliver hybrid cloud solutions to SMB’s.
With Windows Server 2003 end of support approaching, now is the time to modernize customers’ infrastructure.
Audience: Technical Decision Makers, IT Professionals & Consultants who sell and/or consult with US small and midsize organizations. 
Level: 200-300 (Technical)
Times: 9am to 5pm
Schedule and Locations: Click a link below to register for the event near you – 
2/25/15 Bellevue, WA
3/11/15 – New York City, NY
3/11/15 – Nashville, TN
3/12/15 – Sunnyvale, CA
3/12/15 – Indianapolis, IN
3/18/15 – Charlotte, NC
3/18/15 – Cleveland, OH
3/19/15 – Denver, CO
3/19/15 – Boston, MA
3/19/15 – St. Louis, MO
3/25/15 – Salt Lake City, UT
3/25/15 – Tampa, FL
3/25/15 – Downers Grove, IL
3/26/15 – Pittsburgh, PA
3/26/15 – Detroit, MI
4/1/15 – Philadelphia, PA
4/1/15 – Houston, TX
4/15/15 – Los Angeles, CA
4/15/15 – Hartford, CT
4/15/15 – Dallas, TX
4/16/15 – Atlanta, GA
4/16/15 – Irvine, CA
4/16/15 – Minneapolis, MN
4/22/15 – Washington, DC
4/30/15 – San Francisco, CA
Class Introduction:

§ Windows Server and Azure Hybrid Opportunities

Modules, demos, and labs:

§ Module 1: Maximizing hardware utilization with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper V

o Lab: Virtualizing with the latest Edition of Hyper-V

§ Module 2: Assessing & Migrating (moving) customers to Windows Server 2012 R2

o Demo: Using the Microsoft Assessment & Planning Tool (MAP)

o Lab: Using Migration Tools to Migrate Server Roles

§ Module 3: Speed up Azure deployment with Azure Solution Accelerators for SMB

o Extending Networks to Azure/Hybrid Cloud

o Hybrid identity with Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure

o Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery with Azure

§ Module 4: Hybrid Identity with Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure

o Lab: Migrating Active Directory Domains to Windows Server 2012 R2

o Lab: DirSync with Office 365

§ Module 5: Implementing Cost-Effective Storage

o Lab: Implementing Storage Pools and Storage Spaces

§ Module 6: The “Need to Know”: Next generation for Windows, Skype for Biz, Windows Server

§ Module 7: Offers, Incentives, and Support

Wrap up and Q&A