TechNet on Tour: What’s new with Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and OSS for Modern IT Pros

Todd Sweetser

Hi Partners! Wanted to make you aware of this upcoming in-person training delivered by the TechNet team. This is open to all so if you have tech’s that could benefit from expanded knowledge on Azure Infrastructure Services be sure and have them attend!

What’s new with Microsoft cloud infrastructure and OSS for modern IT Pros

It’s time to embrace cloud infrastructure, maximize your current resources and enhance datacenter flexibility to deploy new technologies. Ready to learn more?

Attend this free, full-day training session and discover first-hand how to integrate cloud solutions with your existing, on-premises datacenter – without sacrificing security, control, reliability and scalability. You’ll see how advanced Azure infrastructure services enable you to provide reliable data access, while maximizing productivity across platforms, including Microsoft and Open Source (OSS), GitHub, and more.

Join Microsoft experts and learn how to:

  • Keep up with datacenter changes in a cloud-first world
  • Enhance virtualization performance in the cloud for different workloads 
  • Enable faster and easier deployment using Azure Resource Manager templates and GIT 
  • Design compute and storage infrastructure to improve performance and enhance security through Azure Networking infrastructure 
  • Boost secure data access with identity solutions via Azure Active Directory 
  • Minimize errors and save time with advanced automation using PowerShell and DSC extensions in your infrastructure

TechNet Tour Agenda

Don’t miss this free IT Pro event, where we’ll cover real-world Microsoft Azure cloud scenarios that can enhance your efficiency and productivity. 

Here are the locations and dates, be sure to go to the event page to register! 

TechNet Tour Dates