Windows 7 Remote Wipe with Intune

Q: (from Benjamin)

Do you know if InTune can remotely wipe a laptop running Windows 7 Pro? Also, can InTune require a password on a laptop running Windows 7 Pro?



From the Microsoft Intune Overview ( I noticed that only Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are included. But when I followed the link to the full list of PC management capabilities ( and found:


Operating Systems:You can install the Intune client on PCs that run the following operating systems (both x86 and x64):

  • Windows Vista - Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions.
  • Windows 7 - Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions (with no service pack, or with SP1).
  • Windows 8 - Professional and Enterprise versions.
  • Windows 8.1 - Professional and Enterprise versions.

(why isn’t Windows 10 listed here?!?)

Apparently these operating systems don’t get equal treatment either. After doing another Bing search on “Intune remote wipe Windows 7”, I found detailed information on remote wipe that confirmed that a Full Wipe can only be performed on a Windows 10 machine, and Selective Wipe on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 machines:

Regarding passwords, poking around the Intune Technet site a little further, I found: which confirmed that Intune supports password configuration settings for Windows 8.1 ( and Windows 10 (

So, I’m going to clarify my original findings and confirm that it appears that Microsoft Intune only supports full remote wipe and password controls on Windows 10 devices and a slightly smaller subset of capabilities on Windows 8.1 devices. That Windows 7 devices do not appear to be supported.


SDeming Face  Steve