Windows Intune–Microsoft's Desktop Management Solution in the Cloud–Coming March 23rd


Get Ready to Deliver the Best Windows Experience, from the Cloud

Today at CeBIT in Germany Microsoft announced that Windows Intune will be commercially available on March 23, 2011. Windows Intune offers your customers a comprehensive solution that brings together cloud services and an upgrade subscription for the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system to simplify PC management and security. Leverage the power of Windows Intune software and services to grow your business and provide greater value to your customers.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Windows Intune? The features and capabilities of Windows Intune enable you to:

· Grow revenue. Realize new economic opportunities—from Windows deployments and managed services to recurring sales revenue for each Windows Intune subscription you sell.

· Expand reach. Reselling Windows Intune and other Microsoft cloud services enables you to reach a broader spectrum of customers, wherever they are based.

· Accelerate sales. Remove the barrier of up-front investments and lengthy approval cycles to close deals faster, with the simple Windows Intune subscription model.

Learn It

Find training about this cloud-service and Windows 7 solution for improved PC management.

Attend Licensing Training Webcast on March 9th, 2011 - 11:30-12:30 pm Pacific Time

Use It

Join a Microsoft Cloud Program today, and when Windows Intune launches, you’ll be equipped with internal-use rights and the technical and business support you need to drive revenue and gain competitive advantage.

· When you subscribe to the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack, you receive internal-use rights to run Windows Intune on 10 PCs.

· Is our business already in the cloud? Enroll in Microsoft Cloud Accelerate and receive internal-use rights to run Windows Intune on 25 PCs.

Sell It

· Beginning on March 23, drive a partner-initiated, 30-day trial or place an order on behalf of your customer. Use the attached Announcement Email to create awareness with your customers when Windows Intune becomes generally available on March 23, 2011.

· Host a launch event: leverage the launch event kit to generate leads and create demand for Windows Intune.

Opportunities in the Cloud Start Today

· Put Microsoft cloud technologies to work for your business by signing the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) to earn ongoing referral fees. And by subscribing to the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack or Microsoft Cloud Accelerate, you’ll have access to technical and business support resources to help you drive new levels of profitability and competitive advantage.


*Source: 2009 to 2010 Monitor interviews with 78 U.S. and European partners on partner economics and Windows Intune.

**Ongoing desktop support: Monthly remote support and managed services for customer desktop environment.

***Services and consulting includes BitLocker, DirectAccess, and BranchCache™ configuration projects; endpoint security assessment; and Forefront® migration projects for customer desktop environment.

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