3 Videos (basic collection and CPU investion) using the PerfView Performance Tool

UPDATE: These (and other) videos are now on Channel 9 as part of the PerfView Tutorial Series.

In my previous Post I mentioned the new PerfView tool, which is the tool that I use for most of my performance investigations. 

If you have clicked tried to access the video's link in PerfView you have probably been disappointed since it currently simply gives an error.
This is a known issue.  We felt it was more important to get the tool out and usable then to insure that these videos work.   The basic problem is that the videos are big, and we did not want to pay the dowload cost since many users will not actually care. The ultimate goal is to simply have them on the web so that you can view them there in a pay-for-play manner.    However since this is taking longer then we had hoped to find the best home for them, as a work-around I have published the first few here.   There seems to be a size limit on my blog, so I am doing it in two installments.  This is the first 3 of 5 videos. 

To install please unpack the 'perfViewVideos' directory in the ZIP file as a sibling of the PerfView.exe file.  PerfView will then find them.  

I will be sendig out the other half shortly in another posting.    Here is a link to the other two videos.