Links to Recent PerfView Videos ***** Defrag Tools (Nov-2014 - Jan-2015)

Starting a couple of Defrag Tools #113 - PerfView Part 1months ago I did a series of Channel 9 Videos as part of Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder's 'Defrag tools' series.

I notice recently that these videos don't really show up in web searches when you use the 'PerfView' keyword, so I thought I would help people find them by putting some links in this blog entry.

Much of the material will be familiar to those who have watched my other PerfView videos, but some of it is new, and the descriptions below should be enough to decide if you already know the material or not. 

Anyway here they are

  • Defrag Tools #113 - PerfView Part 1  - COLLECTION - Collecting ETW data with PerfView, stopping on particular events
  • Defrag Tools #114 - PerfView Part 2 -  STACK VIEWER - Looking at the data (whirlwind, you should watch the PerfView Tutorial if you are serious), brief comparison to Windows Performance Analyst (WPA)
  • Defrag Tools #115 - PerfView Part 3 - GC HEAP DUMPS - Taking heap snapshots to do a investigation of a memory leak or excessive GC heap memory consumption.
  • Defrag Tools #116 - PerfView Part 4 - PERFVIEW for FUNCTIONAL ISSUES- Exploring the Event Viewer to find non-perf things like Processes Started, DLLs loaded, exceptions thrown (and their call stacks).  Access Violations that occurred.   etc.
  • Defrag Tools #117 - PerfView Part 5 - MORE PERFVIEW for FUNCTIONAL ISSUES - More on Exceptions, Information on CLR DLL Loading problems (Fuslogvw replacement), ASP.NET Events, ASP.NET View, Events for PerfView itself.
  • Defrag Tools #118 - PerfView Part 6 - ADDING YOUR OWN EVENTS WITH EVENTSOURCE - How easy it is to instrument your code with EventSource and display your events in PerfView. 
  • Defrag Tools #119 - PerfView Part 7 - MOR FUNCTIONAL ISSUES - File opens, File Reads and writes, Memory usage (by process), TCP/IP (Network) traffic, ...
  • Defrag Tools #125 - PerfView - Part 8 - .NET GARBAGE COLLECTOR / JIT -  The CLR GC events, the GCStats view.  Shows GCs, heap size ...  GC allocation sampling, Large object Heap issues.   .NET Just int time (JIT) compiler .   The JITStats view.   Time spent JIT.