New Version of PerfView available at the download center

This is a quick announcement that I have refreshed the version of PerfView at the PerfView Download Center.

There was a last minute typo on my part, and the web site says it is version 1.7, but it really version 1.6 (PerfView's about box is the correct version).    The error was not worth correcting.

The main reason for the refresh was to fix a blocking bug (IndexOutOfRange Exception) that intermittently happens when collect a .NET Memory heap dumps.   

This refresh however also has many 'under the hood' changes (e.g. cleaning up TraceEvent for publication on Nuget, and then modifying PerfView to conform to the cleaned up code).    These changes should not make things noticeably different, but do have the potential for breaking things.   We have been using this version of PerfView internally for over a month without issue, so we have good confidence, but if you notice what seems to be a regression in functionality do let me know by replying to this blog entry.