PerfView version 1.5 has been released

It has been over 6 months since the last public release of PerfView, so I felt it was time to refresh the download center. 

For those of you who don't know about it is frankly the tool that I use to do most of my performance investigations with.   If you have a performance issue on Windows and don't know about PerfView, you should fix that... It is a very useful tool. 

This version is not dramatically different than V1.4.1, if that version is working well for you feel free to stick with it. 

  • Support so that ETL data of EventSource.   Events taken with PerfView are viewable with the WPA tool.
  • Can log performance counters to the ETL file using the /MonitorPerformanceCounter switch
  • Support for collecing working set data every half second (MemInfo)
  • PerfVIew is smaller and faster


P.S: Currently if you wish to use Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) to view EventSource data currently there is a bug in the WPR collection tool that prevent the WPA tool from viewing the EventSource events correctly all the time.   The V1.5 version of PerfView has these fixes so that means if you collect EventSource events with PerfView (Select the MERGE checkbox but not that ZIP checkbox), you can view them in WPA.   The next release of WPA/WPR in a few months will also fix it, but that is still a few months out...