SharePoint 2010 | AD Account gets locked down

I must say that SharePoint 2010 has been absolutely awesome in integrating all my office client applications - WorkSpaces, One Note files, etc. I typically have my one note files uploaded on sharepoint which I can open anywhere - Office, client location ,etc and work and use the files.

Recently one of my clients had a real complicated issue where his AD account would get locked out as soon as he tried to access the SharePoint portal

A couple of days back he reset his password and ever since then hsi account started getting locked. He was accessign the sharepoint site with the new password and was able to get into it. Leaving the site idle for 15 mins caused the account to lock out.

Clearly SharePoint couldn't lock the account. It seemed there was some resource/application which was hitting the proxy server with the wrong credentials. It seemed he had saved somewhere the credentials for some application.

But I couldn't find any sharepoint page/resource which had saved the credentials.

Strangely, during this time if he switched off the machine and tried accessing the site from some other site .. It worked fine. No account lockout. Which pointed to me that perhaps there was some client program which was causing this. I put in the fiddler trace and found that the SharePoint workspace was the culprit. The client had saved the credentials for the workspace and it was trying to sync every fifteen minutes and htting the proxy with the old passowrd. This caused it to lock the account.