Visual Studio 2008 setup sometimes shows disk space requirements for two drives

A customer reported that Visual Studio 2008 setup displayed disk space requirements for two drives [Image attached]. We had investigated this issue before.

Question: Why does it display disk space requirements for second drive when customer didn't select it for installation? Does Visual Studio 2008 setup installs anything to the second drive?

Answer: Setup page shows disk space requirements for second drive, I must clarify that Visual Studio setup doesn't install anything to that drive. It installs only in the drive selected by you. All the temporary files are only created in the %temp% folder and not in the second drive.This costing issue usually occurs if the drive that you are installing to doesn't have largest free disk space. We would look at it in future versions of Visual Studio setup.

Note: Setup uses %temp% folder as temporary storage. On your computer, If %temp% can be mapped to any drive. Setup will use wherever %temp% is redirected to on your computer. In case it is mapped to a drive that you did not select to install Visual Studio, this may cause some temporary disk activity on that drive.

Question: By default Setup installs on system drive. However, user can select alternate drive to install setup. When user selects non-system drive to install Visual Studio 2008, why does setup page display disk space requirements for system drive and alternate drive?

Answer: If user selects alternate drive (other than default system drive) to install setup, Visual Studio installs bulk of Visual Studio to the alternate drive. However, there are some windows components that need to be installed to system drive (.NET Framework).

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Varun Gupta 






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