2 new great reviews for our book, and status after 1/2 year of availability

It's since April that I don't write about the book (at the time we released the entire Chapter 2 on MSDN). Last week I received notice that 2 new reviews were published: one is from the Denver Visual Studio User Group, the other is on Paul Van Brenk's blog. Both reviews are extremely nice, for which we are very grateful; I especially like the fact that in both cases the reviewers perceived our intention to deal with the problem from an holistic point of view, regardless of our affiliation with a technology or another. Thank you guys! (update: I've just stumbled in another review I didn't know about, on (in)secure magazine issue 17. Niiiiice). In fact, in the last months various illustrious figures mentioned our book as well: David Chappell, Drummond Reed and Francis Shanahan wrote extremely nice reviews I never mentioned here until now, while I did mention the first entries from Kim and Mike. Add that to the podcast on Perspectives, the interview on channel9 with Carlo & Caleb, the podcast on SearchWinDevelopment, the bonus chapter on codeproject, the extremely nice reviews on the Amazon US page... and again, mentions from Neil HutsonAlexander Strauss, Feliciano Intini, Mario Fontana, ... I am sure I am forgetting something (for which I apologize). And now that I begun to hang out at Identity conferences, I can't tell you how pleasant it is to have complete strangers zeroing on you and telling you all sorts of nice things :-) I guess I am easily recognizable after all!

In summary: in the 6/7 months that the book has been available, we received an incredible amount of love about it. Thank you all!!! As always, if you have feedback feel free to get in touch via this feed