January 2011 Releases of the Identity Training Kit & the MSDN Online Identity Training Course


Today we are releasing an update to the Identity Developer Training Kit ; we are also releasing the first MSDN-hosted Identity Developer Training Course , an online version of the kit where all the labs instructions and setup files are unbundled and individually accessible. Both are heavily cloud-flavored.

January 2011 Identity Developer Training Kit

Besides the usual WIF workshop videos & decks and the labs on WIF + ASP.NET, WIF+WCF, delegation, WIF & Silverlight integration and ACSv1, the news in the January release are:

· New lab on using the ACS December Labs release for federating with multiple business identity providers (ie ADFS2), using the ACS management API and more

· The introductory lab on web identity providers, rules and HDR has been updated to the December Labs release of ACS

· The Windows Azure Single Sign On lab and the WIF+WCF on Windows Azure lab have been updated to the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and the new Silverlight portal

o In addition to the update, the single, extra-long exercise in WIF+WCF on Windows Azure has been refactored in 3 different exercises

· New slide deck on identity and the cloud, complete with speaker notes, ready for you to re-deliver (taken from this, but with all the ink transformed into PowerPoint animations ;-))

· The setup of all labs have been revved to the latest version of the dependency checker

· The resources list has been updated

Please continue to send us the bugs you find and we’ll queue them up for the next releases. Also, please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover in a lab! Although I can’t promise it will make it into the kit, it will certainly help in the prioritization process.

January 2011 Identity Developer Course on MSDN

Back at PDC09 we published our first online courses under https://channel9.msdn.com/learn, and the identity course was released in that wave. The community really appreciated the chance to access directly the instruction pages containing the solution to their problem at hand, instead of downloading entire kits.

Some of the courses are in the process of being migrated to MSDN, where they can enjoy improved discoverability and integration with the rest of the developer content, extra features such as PDF versions of the labs instructions and so on.

Today we are releasing our first MSDN version of the identity developer training course , which is fully aligned with the offline kit release described earlier. For a brief time the MSDN and Channel9 versions will coexist, but we will soon take the Channel9 one down and put proper redirection mechanisms in place

Have fun with the latest kit & course, and remember: if you don’t get identity right, good luck reaping the benefits of the cloud Winking smile