Kim on our book "Understanding Windows CardSpace"


As mentioned in a post last November, Kim himself made us the huge honor of writing the foreword of our book "Understanding Windows CardSpace". Today I had the same thrill as, while opening his blog, I've seen he dedicated an entire post to it!
You know, it's a strange feeling to go through the post and, like with the foreword, once again realize that Kim Cameron took the time to read what we wrote about a subject that owes so much to him :-) The part I personally prefer is the following:

Above all, it is a readable book that balances technology with the broader issues of identity. I imagine almost anyone who reads this blog will have something to gain from it. I especially recommend it for people who want a holistic introduction to digital identity, CardSpace and web services. I think the book is excellent for students. I even expect it will be enjoyed by more than one policy maker who wants to understand the underlying technical problems of identity.

That's exactly what we hoped to achieve: offering an entry point for whoever wants to participate to the discussion about identity, regardless of their previous knowledge of the subject, while trying to deliver value also to people already fairly familiar with this space. It was a challenging task and those words from Kim are the best validation of our effort we could have ever hoped for.

Thanks!!!!! :-)