Speaking @… PayPal Innovate X 2010


One of the parts in FabrikamShipping SaaS I’m most proud of is the integration with PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API. We’ve been collaborating directly with PayPal for few weeks, and specifically with Praveen Alavilli and  Shah Rasesh, for finding the best way to take advantage of the payment APIs in the FabrikamShipping scenario. Working with those guys has been great, and I can definitely say (no matter how cliche’ that sounds) that we barely scratched the surface of what can be done with Windows Azure and the adaptive payment APIs.

Innovate2010 Registration banner

In fact, I am very honored to say that I’ve been invited to present FabrikamShipping SaaS and its use of the PayPal platform at Paypal Innovate X 2010!

We have a breakout titled “Building Apps that Scale Using Microsoft and PayPal's Developer Platform and Tools” , which we will deliver on Wednesday in the 3:00-3:45 slot. I am going to share the session with James Senior, who will present on WebMatrix and PayPal integration; that will pretty much cover the two ends of the gamut of our developer platform offering.

Session Title: Building Apps that Scale Using Microsoft and PayPal's Developer Platform and Tools

Microsoft and PayPal are working together to make it easier for developers to get to market faster with apps that scale, using the latest web and cloud platforms and tools. In this demo-tastic session we'll first take a tour of WebMatrix which is perfect for developers who are cranking out websites from scratch or building off open source apps instead. No matter which approach you choose, you'll learn how you can get an app with tight PayPal integration created, customized and deployed to a low-cost host in a matter of minutes so you can bill your client and move onto the next project. We'll also demonstrate how you can easily add payment capabilities to multi-tenant solutions hosted in Windows Azure. Thanks to the flexibility of the PayPal Adaptive Payment API, .NET developers can easily integrate features ranging from one-time payments to full-blown billing relationships with recurring, pre-approved payments.

It’s great to have the chance to participate to Innovate X; my main regret is that, being the dates of the conference so close to PDC, I won’t be able to hang around the whole time as I would have liked. However, I should be at our booth Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Come over and I’ll give you the grand tour of FabrikamShipping SaaS! In fact, I’ll tell you what: Praveen and Shah gave me a special discount code for you, LETSINNOVATE, which you can use to get $100 off when registering for your conference pass. Sounds great, doesn’t it :)

Our slot squarely overlaps with the identity session from my good friends Eve Maler and Ashish Jain; I’ll have to try grabbing them the night before and see if I can get a private preview…

See you there!