Speaking @… Tech.Ed Europe

It’s that time of the year again. After few months of Redmond-centric work, in early November I am scheduled to hop on a plane for Berlin and once again partake to the technology feast of Tech.Ed Europe, 2010 edition.

I don’t have a really good memory of last year’s experience, but that’s entirely due to my specific perspective. The event in itself was great, but PDC was looming in just 1 week time and with labs coming in super-hot, the RTM launch of WIF, the keynote work and a session to prepare I ended up working at Tech.Ed by day and working in Redmond time by night. As you can imagine, I didn’t exactly had the time to enjoy the Wall’s celebrations :-)

Ah, but this year the music should be different: PDC takes place before Tech.Ed! In fact I am truly looking forward to have a chance of substituting the confused memories of a sleep-deprived with something that gives more justice to the event.

What am I going to blabber about? Well, as you may expect, I’ll have a session on identity and Windows Azure; and after the longest time, I am also going to have a session not entirely identity centric, something about building SaaS solutions on the Windows Azure platform. Few days ago I had the chance to chat about it with Jennifer and Mike: below there’s resulting 10 mins video teaser from Channel9. I suggest you also use it for getting a taste of my accent :-)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

about the sessions in themselves. I am still hoping one day to have a truly RESTful session catalog, but in the meanwhile there’s a good trick for crafting a URL which will lead to one session description (at least until the site does not switch to next year’s event :-). In any case, I’ll also paste the abstract here.

SIA305 - Windows Identity Foundation and Windows Azure for Developers

Wednesday, November 10  |  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Session Type: Breakout Session

Track: Security, Identity & Access

Claims-based identity provides an open and interoperable approach to identity and access control that can be applied consistently, both on-premises and in the cloud. Come to this session to learn about how Windows Identity Foundation can be used to secure your Web Roles hosted in Windows Azure, how you can take advantage of existing on-premises identities, and how to make the best of features in our cloud offering, such as certificate management and staged environments.

COS334 - Developing SaaS Solutions with the Windows Azure Platform

Tuesday, November 9  |  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Session Type: Breakout Session

Track: Cloud Computing & Online Services

Come to this session to learn about how to take advantage of the Windows Azure platform for developing and running your subscription based applications. Discover, through concrete examples, how to onboard customers, dynamically provision application instances, handle single sign-on, and offer self-service authorization. Explore the patterns and the tradeoffs you need to consider in order to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, all the while maintaining control over your resources and the way you run your business.

Both sessions are for developers. Both at last TechEd USA and in internal events I gave similar sessions, with similar warnings, but I still got a lot of ITPros in the room. Many of those ITPros didn’t believe me when I said (as very first thing in the session) that they would have hung themselves if they would have stayed, and trickled out when they experienced that first hand (saved some who endured the whole time, and later left the comments “too developer centric”, “too much code”). I don’t blame anybody, the identity<->ITpro association is real strong and it can be hard not to fall in the stereotype: in any case, this year I insisted to have “for Developers” IN THE TITLE of the session for maximum clarity. Yes, I am kind of a yagaiist!

COS334 will be largely based on FabrikamShipping SaaS, announced a couple of days ago. The surface covered by that sample is really big, and we plan to mine that for months.


As some of you already know, the part I prefer about TechEd is the chance to speak directly with customers & partners: nothing comes close to the pleasure of chatting face to face about technical stuff, perhaps with a coffee or a beer near by. If you see me around, don’t be shy: come by and I’ll be happy to chat. I’ll be at the conference Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I fly to Copenhagen, where I’ll take a train for the splendid town of Malmö… but that’s a story for another post :-)