TechEd Europe & PDC

 globe hopping November is already here: can you believe it? The last few months have been a crescendo of activities, and now that PDC is just behind the corner they just turned in a tornado (alliterating in English is, well, weird). I can’t really tell you all we’ve been cooking for your identity geeks out there, but you’ll know soon enough: probably sooner than you think ;-)

In any case, this is the last week I have for finalizing everything: next Sunday I’ll hop on a flight for Berlin, where I’ll give a session on WIF: it’s

SIA305, “Windows Identity Foundation Overview”, on Wednesday 11/11 | 9:00-10:15 | New York 3 - Hall 7-1a. Thanks to the good work of the Security, Identity & Access track owners, this year the sessions’ order is actually the correct one: the session will follow the introductory breakout from my good friend David Chappell, who is presenting a 200 on claims based identity the day before (SIA204 Understanding Claims-Based Applications: An Overview of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) v2, Windows Identity Foundation, and CardSpace Tue 11/10 | 15:15-16:30 | Budapest - Hall 7-2b).

You’ll also find me at the booth, and I’ll periodically walk by the hands-on lab area (try SIA26!) to see if you have any questions. Looking forward to meet you there!

Every year I attach to TechEd Europe a tour of EU customers: this time I won’t be able to, on Friday I’ll fly straight to L.A. to add the finishing touches before the PDC09’s Big Show. More about this soon!