[VIDEO] Identity & Cloud Services

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As promised last week, here there’s the video of my other session at the Belgian TechDays.

This session was part of the Architecture track, hence I took a mildly different, more abstract approach: I position Cloud computing as a trend (storytelling the famous parallel between last century’s electrification of the US and what may happen with Cloud services as we move toward a utility model), then talk about identity in general (same slides as the other session, slightly different angle) getting deeper in the underlying architectural patterns. Finally, I play a bit with the Access Control Service, using our MMC and a simple example for describing its inner workings.

In this recording I don’t do any crazy things like wearing sunglasses when I ask a question the audience (this session was 2 days earlier than the other one, I had yet to discover how bright the lights were) but I do gesticulate a lot (in fact, it’s hard for me not to do it) and I pull out of the hat few anecdotes which should mitigate your drowsiness as I blabber about the serious stuff. Have fun! :-)