WCF and MySpace: a RESTful MIX session!

We just recently published a list of sessions for MIX08.

Among those, there is one that I hold especially dear:


I had the luck to work with Paul, his team and the WCF team in the last months, specifically on how to leverage the web capabilities that WCF acquired in the version 3.5 of the framework.

It was really a great experience! First, because I had a great time with the MySpace guys. Second, because it was the best way for me (fairly open minded, but still a WS-* veteran operating at WS-Trust level) to approach the REST side of the house. The no-nonsense approach of Paul and his team, who wanted to use REST principles for getting the job done rather than for "religious" reasons, helped me to frame the principles behind REST and ROAs according to their actual usefulness. It basically helped me to cut to the chase, filtering out all the rhetoric (inevitable when things get polarized into camps). And you know what, I have to admit that I actually kind of like it :-) That's why I think that this session will be truly remarkable: you will see a paradigmatic application of REST design principles on a real world API, something so big that it needs to be well designed for working as expected. Can you find a better validation of the soundness of the REST principles? And of course, the fact that the web features of WCF supports all that is a source of huge pride for all the people that worked on it...

Anyway: I won't give away any details here. My strong advice: if you go to Mix, you can't miss Paul's session!