Update on CTP3.

We had initially planned to release CTP3 during MIX. However, we had to make some API changes to get it conformat to the .Net naming guidelines. We wanted to take this changes now so that the CTP3 and RTM bits don't diverge in their API. Current plans is to release end of this week.

 Here are the changes

  *  All classes related to Velocity are prefixed with DataCache . This makes it easier to look for Velocity classes in IntelliSense.

* The region parameter moves to the end to make it easy for overloading.  

Here's the list that I grabbed from the latest doc that will come with CTP3.

Name Change Overview:  

The following table provides a summary of the name changes that occurred in the "Velocity" API between CTP3 and the previous release. A new class, enumeration, and delegates for the cache notifications API are also listed.

CTP2 CTP3 Notes

System.Data.Caching namespace


The "Velocity" namespace changed, affecting the entire API.

Cache class

DataCache class

Name and member changes

CacheErrorCode class

DataCacheErrorCode enumeration

Name, type, and value changes

CacheException class

DataCacheException class

Name change

CacheFactory class

DataCacheFactory class

Name and constructor changes

CacheItem class

DataCacheItem class

Name change

CacheItemVersion class

DataCacheItemVersion class

Name change

LocalCacheSyncPolicy enumeration

DataCacheLocalCacheSyncPolicy enumeration

Name and value changes

LockHandle class

DataCacheLockHandle class

Name change

LogSink class

DataCacheLogSink class

Name change

ServerEndPoint class

DataCacheServerEndpoint class

Name change

SessionStoreProvider class

DataCacheSessionStoreProvider class

Name change

SinkType enumeration

DataCacheSinkType enumeration

Name change

Tag class

DataCacheTag class

Name change

(new class)

DataCacheNotificationDescriptor class

New class for distinguishing cache notifications. 

(new enumeration)

DataCacheOperation enumeration

New enumeration for specifying cache operations that can trigger cache notifications. 

(new delegate)

DataCacheNotificationCallback delegate

New delegate for cache notifications. 

(new delegate)

DataCacheFailureNotificationCallback delegate

New delegate for failure notifications


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