Tafiti - Silverlight based Search Engine

Microsoft has released a new experimental Search Engine at www.tafiti.com. This looks like it is more to show the power of Silverlight than to show off a new Search interface. And it really does that. It is very easy on the eyes and completely smooth. There is some interaction that I don't particularly enjoy. For example, if you search multiple times, a new "note" is added on the left column. However, you can only delete your most recent search and you cannot get to your previous search. I am not sure what this adds to the user experience. Also, I don't like the refine experience. I don't always refine searches by adding more keywords, and in this interface that is the only way for me to refine.

I do like the ability to store and tag results. I can store results from multiple result types (web, images, feeds, books) in the same tag. This is very useful for research.

And finally, the tree view. It looks cool, but unfortunately, I don't get it. It is a different perspective, but I cannot see how this adds to the user experience.

All in all, this site does what it was meant to do - show the power of Silverlight, and in the process, has given me something to think about regarding search engine behavior.