Microsoft’s CRM Solutions Help Banks Truly Understand Their Customers

Today’s customers are smarter. Smarter because they have quick access to information that is easy to consume. When they do engage with the company, they expect that company, whether it is a retail store or a financial institution, to understand where they are and what they know. 

Faced with ever-changing customer behavior, dissatisfaction with fees and service levels, competition from new market entrants, and the erosion of customer loyalty, financial institutions are competing as never before. To drive growth through customer acquisition, while retaining, up-selling, and cross-selling to existing customers, financial institutions are seeking to better understand profitability per customer, increase the relevance of offers, and ensure a seamless customer service experience across channels. Essentially, the customer experience has become the key differentiator.

Enter Microsoft’s customer relationship management. Microsoft can help financial institutions modernize their business operations and shift from transaction-based businesses to customer-centric businesses and one of the key tools for this is with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Financial institutions tell us they are drawn to its customer-first design philosophy to deliver a more personal experience to their customers, enabling them to improve customer retention and fuel growth.

How do we do this? Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the flexibility and simplicity you want while also giving you the security you need. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online lets you scale the number of users up or down, based on your business requirements, with complete autonomy over how you operate, manage, configure, and secure your solution. It has an end-to-end approach to security that is so important to financial institutions (managed by highly skilled network operations personnel, having achieved ISO accreditation and SAS70 Type II attestation and it simplifies the management experience by providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance—enabling IT staff to focus more on supporting the main priorities of the banking industry.

Just as banks need to provide customers with the power of choice, we want to give our financial services customers the same choice when deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We provide both an on-premises and cloud-based version; offering the option to migrate from one deployment model to another to achieve optimal efficiencies and benefit from the cloud on your terms.

Today, Metro Bank, MKB BankRoyal Bank of Scotland, and Oschadbank are all using Microsoft Dynamics to understand their customers better. See more of what they are doing in our press release, and be sure to check out the Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog here for more info about the product.

Stay tuned here for additional insight into our financial services work throughout the week. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about how we’re working with companies to turn big data into useful business insight. For more
information about what Windows is doing in financial services, be sure to visit the Microsoft Business Newsroom for updates on how we are innovating with businesses around the world.