Ignite 2016–Latest on SharePoint / Office 365 Patterns and Practices Initiative

Had a great trip to drop by at Atlanta for Ignite 2016 last week and now that the videos are out, wanted to also share the slides at least for the main PnP session. I personally had 3 sessions this time and “luckily” they all happened on the same day, which is always fun. Main session personally was the session around the SharePoint / Office 365 Dev Patterns and Practices initiative and how we will work in the future around the upcoming SharePoint capabilities.

Here’s the PnP session details and below are the available resources

  • Title - Learn about PnP and the new SharePoint Framework
  • Description - Office 365 Dev and SharePoint Patterns & Practices (PnP) helps customers move forward whether building solutions for today or tomorrow. Get latest update on the provided samples, reusable components and practices. See also what the PnP team is doing to support the new Microsoft SharePoint Framework and how you can participate to this community driven initiative.

Recording of the session is available from YouTube.

Slides used in this session are available for your from the SharePoint / Office 365 PnP docs.com site.

Learn about the PnP initiative and the new SharePoint FrameworkSharePoint / Office 365 Dev PnP


PnP initiative also had it’s own booth in the expo area where we did had 6 of the PnP Core team members ready to answer any questions on the SharePoint development. This was really nice setup and had numerous great discussions on the past, current and future models for SharePoint. Thx for dropping by and let’s continue discussion in the SharePoint Developer group under Microsoft Technical Network.


In this picture from left to write: Vesa Juvonen, Patrick Rodgers, Frank Marasco, Erwin van Hunen, Paolo Pialorsi and Radi Atanassov.

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