Office 365 Dev Patterns and Practices graphics presentation

2015-10-27_15-51-10During past years we have created significant amount of different graphics for different usage scenarios explaining Office 365 and SharePoint usage. I do get quite often questions around on where do we get these graphics and how others could use them. Personally I do not really use drawings from others, so I have drawn majority of them by myself and actually not using Visio, rather PowerPoint. I do love spend time at the PowerPoint every now and a while, which is a nice break from writing code or other activities.

There are great Visio stencils out there for providing consistency cross your presentations like following.

Like mentioned, in my case I rarely use Visio for actual drawing, since you can’t really create high quality drawings in Visio and paste them to presentations or Word documents efficiently. Also if you use Visio for your drawings, it’s really hard to create step-by-step animations at PowerPoint. This is why I personally use Visio stencils mainly for getting consistent graphics, but actually draw content using PowerPoint. Here’s quick collage of some of the graphics to show you what’s being available. Typically I start by copying needed key elements from existing drawing and then shuffling them around based on the current requirements.


To enable as easy as possible easy reuse, I’ve just uploaded a so called graphics deck to Office 365 Dev PnP location. This means that you can download the presentation and easily use any of the slides or graphics anyway you want wherever you like. If you are looking for actual training material around the topics covered in some of the graphics, please see separate blog post around PnP transformation training at blog. This training package contains videos, presentations, demos and hands on labs for you to reuse. Graphics deck also contains tens of other drawings from other areas where I’ve been involved, so not just the PnP material.

PnP presentation graphicsOffice 365 Dev PnP

Hopefully, that’s useful for someone and have fun at PowerPoint.

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