Office 365 Dev PnP Core team extended with new community members

We are happy to announce additional community members being included to the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practice (PnP) Core team. These members will be great add-on to the team which already consists from Microsoft internal people and previously announced community member (Erwin van Hunen from Knowit).

Starting from this week, our team will be extended with Paolo Pialorsi and Radi Atanassov. Both are MVPs and hold MCM/MCSM certification for SharePoint. We are really exited to welcome these new members who have been also previously active in the PnP program as contributors in the repository side and also in the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group.

In general interest towards PnP program has been growing significantly since our initial release from last autumn. By adding these new members to the team, we can more easily assist the community on the app model topics and provide guidance on specific areas. Here’s some key numbers from the PnP program side.

  • GitHub forks - 323
  • GitHub closed pull requests - 352
  • GitHub fixed issues or enhancements - 91
  • Unique visitors in Github for past 2 weeks - 4200
  • PnP Yammer group members - 1911
    • This is also by far the most active Yammer group in the Office 365 network

Growth has been phenomenal and it’s excellent to see the interest towards the program. Thank you all for your input towards community adaptation.


Introduction to new core team members

Meet Radi

RadiTurningHere’s Radi with his own words.

I’ve grown to love SharePoint for the immense diversity of technology that it brings together. After many years (since 2006) I still can’t get enough of the challenge. My first years we’re spent developing on SP2007, then 2010, getting my hands dirty with some pretty mean projects out there. I had to do months and months of full time study to get into the Microsoft Certified Master program (2010), and after the tough journey I passed (R6 wub!). Working with some of the most knowledgeable in the field was a priceless experience and the MCSM rotation in 2013 just topped it.    

I’m been doing a lot of work in teaching & training SharePoint across universities, user groups, local communities, at partners and ISV’s, both developer and IT PRO. My mission has been to “breed armies of SharePoint specialists” and this is where PnP comes in. Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices is absolutely key for me and being part of this project is my way to put a dent in the universe. Brainstorming, building samples, solving use cases and writing the documentation of what is the de-facto standard for Office 365 development – absolutely priceless and nothing can stop me J

I now run my own SharePoint development company, , where one of my key goals is to grow a culture of contribute to OfficeDev PnP first THEN deliver for the client.


Meet Paolo

Here’s Paolo with his own words.PaoloPialorsi_Big_Web_Square_683x683 (3)

I am a consultant, trainer, and author working in a company of my own called I am specialized in architecting distributed applications and Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft SharePoint enterprise-level solutions. During my career I achieved about 50 Microsoft certifications, including the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) on SharePoint, and I have been awarded as MVP on Office 365.

I am a regular speaker at international IT conferences. I spoke at Microsoft TechEd Europe, the European SharePoint Conference, the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, and many other IT conferences worldwide.

I authored for Microsoft Press some books about .NET, LINQ, Windows 8, and SharePoint. The latest book that I published is the “Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference”.

I have a blog where I post my thoughts and samples:


What does Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices code team do?

Key point of the Core team is to act as the board for all topics related on the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices program.

  • Manage PnP GitHub repository – pull requests, issues, communications
  • Make final design decisions related on the PnP Core component
  • Provide input on key changes and roadmap for the monthly releases
  • Monthly release coordination and pushing activities
  • Weekly sync cross the core team on the plans and findings
  • Gap and new feature discussions with the product group
  • Assist community with the Yammer group management
  • Contributions and assistance for others

Notice that all contributions and changes in existing deliverables in the PnP program are being also reviewed by SharePoint product group, so that they are aligned with the service and product roadmap and general recommendations.


Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices

Office365PnPLogoRed_thumb1Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices guidance is community driven program, which contains already more than 100 samples and solutions demonstrating different patterns and practices related on the app model development together with additional documentation related on the app model techniques.

Check the latest updates directly from the GitHub project at Please join us on sharing patterns and practices for the community for the benefit of the community. If you have any questions or comments related on the Office 365 Dev PnP, please use the PnP Yammer group at

Other PnP resources are following:

“From the community for the community” – “Sharing is caring”