SharePoint 2010 – More public information available

Finally SharePoint 2010 information is publicly available after the release on SharePoint Conference past Monday. Since people participating to early adopters programs and for example MVPs, have had a change to work with the early builds for a while, there will be lot of new information available in the blogs during upcoming weeks.

Below is small collection of the most interesting blog posts and sites currently available.

Few links concerning the features available

Miscellaneous blog posts and articles

As defined at the SharePoint team blog, public Beta available in November and during this time, you can start developing functionalities using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, which will contain all the necessary project types to support natively SharePoint 2010 development.

“Can I use Visual Studio 2010 project types for MOSS 2007 development?” – this has been fairly common question during the early training sessions. Theoretically it can be possible, if you update the references, but it’s not recommended. Natively VS2010 SharePoint tools supports SharePoint 2010 development