SharePoint Online Solution Pack for branding and provisioning released

SharePoint Online solution pack for branding and provisioning contains documentation and code examples for SharePoint app based deployments. This initial release concentrates on branding and remote provisioning. Package is created based on the guidance and implementations what we’ve worked with our global customers cross the world. Actual guidance has been written by Microsoft technical writers and it has been reviewed and approved by product group members to ensure that we get the right guidance available for the field.

Updated 5th of March – If you have any feedback or suggestion on the Solution Pack, please the Office SP Dev user voice as the channel to get the message to right persons. 

This package contains also some examples, which originates from the Office App Model Samples (AMS) program, which has been internal community program to share SP App related reference implementation work since last year. This package has been now also released externally in CodePlex at address, but we wanted to get some of this guidance also out using official sites, so that we can expand the reach for these examples. Solution pack has also much more detailed documentation related on different patterns.

Here's the direct links for the SharePoint Online Solution Pack

Introduction to content

The SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution pack includes five documents, or modules


SharePoint site branding and remote provisioning 101

Introduces the solution pack concept and contents, including SharePoint site fundamentals and the branding and site provisioning workflow. It also introduces the remote provisioning pattern, a new way to use apps for SharePoint and the Cloud App Model (CAM) to provision branding to SharePoint sites.


Inside SharePoint Pages

Presents the SharePoint page model and its component parts.


Building SharePoint sites and pages

Describes tooling options for developing site branding elements and managing them in SharePoint.


Customizing site branding

Covers composed looks, the SharePoint 2013 theming engine, and best practices for customizing the look and feel of your site with custom CSS and CSOM via remote provisioning.


Using apps for SharePoint to provision SharePoint site branding

Describes the remote provisioning pattern, and shows how to apply site branding at the site collection, site, and subsite levels by using the pattern. Demonstrates how to set up remote provisioning to use a custom form, an approval workflow, and refresh tokens.

Each module document is associated with one or more code samples, which are downloadable individually from Code Gallery or together in the SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online branding and site provisioning solution pack’s sample pack.