Number of views (and forms) limit when creating a list from template

A gotcha I stumbled upon a couple of days ago:

I created a list with 100 views and saved it as template. When trying to create a new list based on this template, I noticed that only 91 views were created.

Scouting the ULS logs I found this entry:

General tkgi High The number of views have reached the maximum supported (90). View processing will 0stop for list ..., dir .. leaf ... web ...

Lesson learned.

If you do need a list that needs to have more than 90 views ( for whatever reason) , do not use the save as template-create from template method to provision the list.

Rather, provision a list with only the default views and add the needed ones via code as per :

Another ULS entry that you might want to take into consideration:

General tkgo High The number of forms and views have reached the maximum supported (100). Form processing will stop for list ..., dir ..., leaf ..., web ...