This Site scope does not return any results

Noticed something weird the other days:

I was fiddling around managed properties in my search settings and thought of deleting some of them to remove them from being indexed and from the search results. Among other managed properties deleted, I also deleted the “Site” managed property.

What I noticed after running a full crawl was that the “Search This Site:” Scope was no longer returning any results. I could retrieve the results from my search portal on the same SSP, which meant the documents were in fact indexed. however the “This Site “ out of the box scope was not returning any results.

I tried re-creating the “Site” managed property but unfortunately I had no success in bringing the results back.

What in the end I did was re-create the entire SSP and moved on, but here’s a word of advice:

“Do not delete the “Site” managed property.”

How to move an SSP