ASP.NET Debugger Extension for IIS 7

Just finished writing an extension for IIS 7 that will provide advanced debugging features for IIS worker processes running managed code.

It basically does three things

1. Find Debug Modules

This feature will help you scan your website content to spot modules that have been built in debug mode.

2. Callstack Viewer

This feature will dump out the callstacks of all the threads in the process running managed code. It is basically a snapshot of all the managed threads in the worker process. This is helpful when you are troubleshooting worker process hangs / performance issues.

3. Trace Process for Debug Events

This feature will help in tracing useful events in the worker process. For example it can display callstacks whenever an exception occurs in the process.




This extension uses mdbgcore.dll to debug the IIS worker process.


Use “Run as Administrator” while launching the following installers.

x86 : adeInstallx86.msi

x64 : adeInstallx64.msi

Both the setup files are in this zip file.


ASP.NET Debugger Extension – Find Debug Modules 

ASP.NET Debugger Extension – Callstack Viewer 

ASP.NET Debugger Extension – Trace Process for Debug Events 

ASP.NET Debugger Extension - Manual Install / Uninstall

If you have any suggestions / feedback / bugs I would love to hear about them.

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