Exchange 2010: OWA Customization: Preview forms does not works in Conversation Mode

I recently had couple of customer reporting that their existing/new OWA customization code is not working in Preview mode.

You will notice the following error message displayed instead..

"This type of message isn't fully supported in Conversation mode. Click here to open the full version, which may show you more details or features."

This same form should work in Exchange 2007.

I have two news here, first there has been changes to Registry.xml and there has been couple of new clients support added. Make sure you have all of them listed in your Registry.xml when you run the test on Exchange 2010

    <Client Application="MSIE" MinimumVersion="7" Platform="Windows NT" />
    <Client Application="MSIE" MinimumVersion="7" Platform="Windows 2000" />
    <Client Application="MSIE" MinimumVersion="7" Platform="Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90" />
    <Client Application="Safari" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Macintosh" />
    <Client Application="Firefox" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Windows NT" />
    <Client Application="Firefox" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Windows 2000" />
    <Client Application="Firefox" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90" />
    <Client Application="Firefox" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Macintosh" />
    <Client Application="Firefox" MinimumVersion="3" Platform="Linux" />
    <Client Application="Chrome" MinimumVersion="1" Platform="Windows NT" />

Secondly, This issue is “by design” that the custom forms will not work in Conversation Mode for now.

This issue seems like something obvious that the product group will want to fix in the next major version.   It is currently not under consideration for a service pack or rollup for Exchange 2010, but may be considered at some point based on customer feedback.

If this issue is causing troubles for you then I would request you to contact PSS.