Exchange Web Services 101 : Let’s get started!

Want to learn Exchange Web Service but not sure how and from where? Here are the few articles that I share very often with partners and customers who want to learn more about Exchange Web Services.

Undoubtedly there is so much information out there and that’s too in such a short span of time. You better start with Inside Exchange Web Services book from MSPRESS and then the rest of the articles can be utilized.



  • Inside Microsoft Exchange Web Services

Note: This book target Exchange 2007 RTM and does not talk about features introduced in Exchange 2007 Sp1 & later

  • Common EWS Operations

  • Working with attachments

  • Links on Common Exchange Web Services (EWS) Questions

  • Generating list of calendar items using EWS

  • Understanding and Fixing Slow Exchange Web Services Code

Part 1

Part 2

Exchange Notifications

  • Exchange Web Services – Notification Subsystem

  • Transitioning to Exchange Web Services Notifications (from Store Events Sinks)

Note: Notification Watermarks are valid for 30 days after which they expire

Exchange Managed API

Videos –

  • Introducing the EWS Managed API 1.0

  • EWS Managed API 1.0 Beta SDK April 2009

  • Exchange Server Developer Center


Please do let me know if that information is helpful to you.