What is supported in Exchange 2007?

Cut Down APIs from Exchange 2007

Management APIs


• Queue Viewer API (QAPI)

• WMI Classes for Exchange

With the release of Exchange 2007 all of exchange management is done via cmdlets in PowerShell™.

Transport APIs

• EDK Gateways

• Routing Objects

• Transport Event Sinks

Store Access APIs

• CDO for Workflow

• Workflow Designer

• Exchange 5.5 Event Service

• Exchange Installable File System (ExIFS)

• Web Storage System Forms (WSS Forms)

The above cut store access APIs are replaced by Windows Workflow Foundation and ASP.Net.

De-emphasized APIs in Exchange 2007

Transport APIs


With the release of Exchange 2007, message routing and manipulation is done using core namespaces that can be used with Exchange Agents and Foreign Connectors.

Store Access APIs

• CDO 1.21




• OWA URL Commands

• Store Events

The above de-emphasized APIs are replaced by Web Services.


So what is de-emphasized API?

De-emphasized APIs are not recommended because there are other APIs available to perform the similar operations, these new APIs are more efficient and recommended because they are designed for the latest version of exchange and would be supported in longer run.


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