Commerce Server : What's Next?

    Four years back we shipped Commerce Server 2000. This was followed two years later by Commerce Server 2002. Commerce Server 2002 added powerful new features like multilingual, multicurrency capabilities, virtual catalogs, expanded profiling system, improved data analytics, business desk security to name a few.However the most significant addition to Commerce Server 2002 was .NET support, a clear indication from the prodct team to embrace and deliver upon upcoming and key technologies. Commerce Server 2002 was followed by the recently released Feature Pack .The Feature Pack introduced a significant architectural change in the Marketing and Catalog systems by introducing the web services model, role based security complementing the web services model and a performant Winforms UI for the Maketing and Catalog systems. More importantly the Feature Pack represents a strong sense of commitment by the Product team to fully embrace the .NET platform and deliver on a feature rich, scalable, easily extensible and secure Web services model to add value to your businesses.

    This begs the question "What's next?". Continuing the trend of delivering rich features on upcoming technologies we are currently working hard on delivering yet another powerful upgrade to  Commerce Server which will be shipped sometime in early 2006. This release will significantly improve upon the Feature Pack version in terms of .NET support and add powerful new features.I will be posting updates on this soon.Meanwhile if you have been using Commerce Server and have any ideas/feature suggestions feel free to send them to us.